Adventure Personal Training is a rebirth of your adult self to connect back internally to your human desires to explore and move for the joy of living. Move to learn, adapt and express your true self. Understanding the relationship that your emotions play on your body and mind we can relieve stress through mindfulness practices, challenge you with survival techniques that express the true meaning of your bodies functioning. The environment can also heal you and awaken your body through sensory stimulation, natural adaptations to terrain, and weather that strengthen our bodies and boost your immune system for both physical and mental health longevity.

Adventure Personal Training works with Parks Victoria Land on the Mornington Peninsula, and Yarra Ranges, offering diverse and scenic physical training with Private coaching, Group classes,  Team building events, Trail running, Active tours and Adventure Race training.

Browse through the different types of activities, or check out the demonstration video to get an insight into the kinds of adventures and activities we can get up to.