Anita Skye:

I have been so fortunate to privately train with Jade over the past 6 months… and without a doubt she is the most kind, knowledgeable, professional outdoor adventurer I’ve met! Her philosophy really stood out to me as everything she promotes (and personally preaches!) is based around the enjoyment of movement. We’ve tightrope walked between trees and swung through branches. We’ve played chasey in pine forests and up sand dunes. We’ve boxed by the sea and sprinted in the rain. We’ve built rock shrines and meditated on cliff edges… every session is a combination of nature play and exploration whilst still taking into account my physical and mental goals. Best of all Jade utilises some of the most breathtaking locations around the Mornington Peninsular and beyond!

A gorgeous friend recently gifted me a very thoughtful session pack with Jade… its such a wonderful idea for anyone who wishes to give the ultimate gift of fun physical adventure!

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!” Thank you Jade x


Peter Anliker:

Beautiful personality, superfit demonstrator, top instructor, sees what you need, flexible in delivery, always interesting and new every single time, socially pleasant and good laughing. 


“I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jade today.

My girlfriend and I IMG_7121met Jade at Sea winds Gardens for Nature Healing and Grounded Pilates class in a Pay It Forward manner. Jade was an amazing lady who opened our eyes to sensory meditation to find our centre and to balance our minds. The autumn leaves, the sprinkles of rain, the wind and birds all added to the experience. It was magical being outside where our senses were heightened. I spent the afternoon in a very calm and relaxed state. Jade is such an inspiration. Her passion for life and nature are just magical. So glad i had this opportunity. What an amazing lady. Thank you.”

Suzy Lahausse: IMG_4631

“Adventure personal training thank you so much, you’re definitely and expert in your field, to say the least. Not only did I get a body work out but you also showed me techniques to develop my energy, attitude and anxiety to a lighter, calmer and joyful state. The way you adapted to every situation and still managed to create an effective and supported workout for both my daughter and I, you’d think you had children yourself. You’ll make a fabulous mama one day. I can’t wait for our next session!”

Ababbey and elijahbey Dennis: 

“This morning I tried a mum and bubs PT workout with Jade de Valle. Anyone looking to keep fit or take part in a new activity with your kids should contact her she is so knowledgeable and makes working out fun.  I really enjoyed myself!  I have had so much energy today after this morning. Can’t wait for out next session. Your training is so unique and fun I love it.”

Hanne Falkiner: 

” I had a wonderful time training with you! I got stronger, my balance and cardio vascular ability improved, I had fun and enjoyed the playful way of training with you and Bonnie (Hanne’s gorgeous black Labrador) at the beach. It was a wonderful year working with you and I highly recommend you as personal trainer. you are the best motivator ever! You regularly helped me overcome my inner laziness and helped me to push myself to new levels whilst having fun. Always smiling and being sensitive to my varying levels of fatigue helped lot also. Thank you dear friend and much love, Hanne”

Shinay Tidd:

“I am feeling happier and fitter than ever. I am able to do so much more thanIMG_2691 I ever thought was possible
Jade has retrained my body to move and muscles around my damaged hip to strengthen. I have just ran my first fun run at 5.3 km which is more than I have ever ran without stopping. I am so thankful for every bit of encouragement and support you have given me. Thank you mwah”

Terrene Searle:

“Today I shaved 8 minutes off my personal best running 15km. I’ve only had three PT sessions with Jade and contribute my improvement to her amazing knowledge, coaching, technique work and motivation. Jade’s sessions are better than therapy, connecting with and using your body and connecting with the environment; and they are so much FUN!”


Lauren Duckett and Mel Donegan November 2012

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