“What inspires YOU to look and feel your healthiest self?  What is health to YOU? What is the purpose of being active and eating healthy for YOU?” Injury: From a horse accident, car accident, rolled ankle and surfing accident I was injured for almost 5 months of 2015. Although challenging I learnt to acknowledging whatContinue reading “#Fitspo”

“Getting Fit in bare feet”

product that can alter our movement systems. They will weaken our feet which are possibly the most important body part we have, having access to your entire anatomy through each point of its surface, therefore impacting on our postural alignment and how we move and function.

How to keep your kids entertained.

Holidays are here!!! With one week left it’s time to make the most of that precious time with your children and this beautiful weather. Two weeks is hard to keep up with that boundless energy your children have, but is it your responsibility to make sure they’re being stimulated 24/7? Oh hell no! When didContinue reading “How to keep your kids entertained.”

The art of complete happiness and overall health

Do you believe that a healthy lifestyle consists of you smashing your body in an intense workout, portion control and counting calories? Then you need to read this. You’re not getting the honest truth, the truth that will actually give you results not only physically, but will make you happier in all aspects of yourContinue reading “The art of complete happiness and overall health”

What’s the excuse…? There are no excuses.

Wow I know we’re always making up excuses but the past month I have seen a lot more! Maybe it’s time to revisit those goals you set at the start of the year, you know the ones that have probably found a dark place by now and haven’t been looked at since written. These excuses,Continue reading “What’s the excuse…? There are no excuses.”

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