Getting to know YOU

So I’ve had it with society dictating who we are, how we should act, how we should behave, what to do, what to eat…. How to live our OWN lives. I’ve said it so many times, that in this modern world where answers and information is at our fingertips, making life, easy, we’ve now detoured soContinue reading “Getting to know YOU”

“Please Bleed”…..

I wrote last year a blog on survival when dealing with emotional trauma. (The Ultimate body detox) The way I dealt with the loss of my friend to mental illness was a lot through movement. How I deal with any kind of stress has usually been through doing a workout, I was literally running away fromContinue reading ““Please Bleed”…..”

The art of complete happiness and overall health

Do you believe that a healthy lifestyle consists of you smashing your body in an intense workout, portion control and counting calories? Then you need to read this. You’re not getting the honest truth, the truth that will actually give you results not only physically, but will make you happier in all aspects of yourContinue reading “The art of complete happiness and overall health”

The busy bee break

From climbing the sacred, majestic Mt Fuji three times, to leading a tour in down under in Australia and snorkelling the Great Barrier reef witnessing all its glory, beauty and rare natural wonderment this touring gypsy is back in her second home of Kyoto playing in the office… What you can’t imagine me working inContinue reading “The busy bee break”

Why cross train?…

Whether you’re a runner, golfer, cricketer, surfer whatever sport you love it is important to train outside of your chosen sport as well for optimal results and all round fitness. Sometimes we could be doing more harm than good by repeating the same movements, and actually increase our risk of injuries due to overuse. WhilstContinue reading “Why cross train?…”

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