Exercises to relieve wrist pain

Do your wrists feel weak? Are you experiencing pain from overuse? The nature of work today requires a lot of pressure to be placed upon our fingers and wrists. How are repetitive wrist injuries caused? We’re no longer getting the flexibility and mobility that writing with a pen or pencil would offer, and instead ourContinue reading “Exercises to relieve wrist pain”

So you want a core workout?

Abby and I got to play the other day without the company of her gorgeous son, allowing us to extend the session and have a little more mama needs focus. Abby asked if we could have a focus on strengthening through her core, a really common request and a lot of fun to play with.Continue reading “So you want a core workout?”

Mirror Mirror

One of the things that makes me sad about being a personal trainer is the constant dissatisfaction people have with themselves. This constant battle with their bodies, to get visible abs, to lose weight, to have a certain percent of body fat. Some of the most “fit” individuals don’t necessarily look like they are. HowContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

The busy bee break

From climbing the sacred, majestic Mt Fuji three times, to leading a tour in down under in Australia and snorkelling the Great Barrier reef witnessing all its glory, beauty and rare natural wonderment this touring gypsy is back in her second home of Kyoto playing in the office… What you can’t imagine me working inContinue reading “The busy bee break”

Run group and guide running for the disabled

After a not so pleasant wake up call with my room shaking and my emergency earthquake alarm going off at 4:30 am I set off to meet my good friend Shigeo-san paralympic gold medalist in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.  Our original plan was to volunteer and participate in the Tokyo disabled surfing event. ForContinue reading “Run group and guide running for the disabled”

Up Up and away

I think my boss thinks of me as a new toy, like oh she’s fit how far can I push her? What can I get her to do next? Damn it I accept these challenges so today I caught the train to Saga Arashiyama one of my favourite places in Kyoto. I think I’ve alsoContinue reading “Up Up and away”

The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims

This gypsy guide is on a new trip and one with a fit family of 3 from Phoenix Arizona, we met in Tokyo shared sake in a tiny 60’s bar in Golden Gai and our friendship was sealed that’s until I took them on a 20km bike ride around Tokyo the next day exploring backContinue reading “The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims”

Day 3 of an active gypsy adventure

It was a sticky, hot and sleepless night battling mosquitoes but I woke ready for the day and with a hearty breakfast later, with Elsa and Healy more amazing leaders for Venture we set out with my on a research bike ride at 7:30am. I had not quite told them the distance I wanted toContinue reading “Day 3 of an active gypsy adventure”

Day 2 of an active gypsy

I woke this morning to the sunlight beaming through my window already Kyoto’s summer humidity rising at 5:45am battling with the idea I pulled myself up to meet my friend Healy for a morning workout. The 1km run to Umekoji park was even a struggle, clearly the ice cream and pastries the day before didContinue reading “Day 2 of an active gypsy”

Day 1 an active gypsy’s adventure.

I am starting a written journey of my adventures as I explore Japan as a guide for Venture http://www.ventureea.com/ Venture lead a variety of trips, from family based, culture, food and the more physically demanding active trips. With my background being in exercise science and my passion for fitness my intention of my writing isContinue reading “Day 1 an active gypsy’s adventure.”

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