Tea for health

Tea is not just about a calming delicious cup of goodness it has been used over thousands of years for medicinal, healing and calming purposes. On this page I will share with you many different types of tea and how you can cultivate their thousands of years worth of benefits to your own needs forContinue reading “Tea for health”

Mother’s Day Tribute

I was so lucky to have spent a morning with such divine mothers and their amazing bright eyed and wonderful children for a special Mother’s Day Nature Healing family class. I had to share the experience as I was left feeling so touched by how this class evolved that I had to write it downContinue reading “Mother’s Day Tribute”

Nature Healing

What is Nature Healing? It is to immerse yourself in wild places full of natural wonder. To connect with yourself and your surrounds on a deeper sensory level. Inviting the sounds of the birds, or the waves lapping the sand. Inviting the smells of rain to come or flowers blooming. Welcoming all there is toContinue reading “Nature Healing”

Skin Deep

  Did you know Adventure PT is a regular guest poster for Mornington Peninsula Fitness Network a great page connecting the fitness professionals of the Mornington Peninsula providing you with a great source of current information and motivation. Read below my latest post all about our skin and the powers of touch. When looking at mentalContinue reading “Skin Deep”

How to be smarter, lose weight and live a more quality life.

Spending a year working as a tour guide in Japan I came back with many learnings, but as a lover of movement and nature these two I focused on more intently. We often here of Japan being a leader in technology, or quirky trinkets, strange fetishes, and tradition. To me I saw Japan as anContinue reading “How to be smarter, lose weight and live a more quality life.”

Mirror Mirror

One of the things that makes me sad about being a personal trainer is the constant dissatisfaction people have with themselves. This constant battle with their bodies, to get visible abs, to lose weight, to have a certain percent of body fat. Some of the most “fit” individuals don’t necessarily look like they are. HowContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

The busy bee break

From climbing the sacred, majestic Mt Fuji three times, to leading a tour in down under in Australia and snorkelling the Great Barrier reef witnessing all its glory, beauty and rare natural wonderment this touring gypsy is back in her second home of Kyoto playing in the office… What you can’t imagine me working inContinue reading “The busy bee break”

The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims

This gypsy guide is on a new trip and one with a fit family of 3 from Phoenix Arizona, we met in Tokyo shared sake in a tiny 60’s bar in Golden Gai and our friendship was sealed that’s until I took them on a 20km bike ride around Tokyo the next day exploring backContinue reading “The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims”

Day 4 of an Active gypsy adventure

Maybe it’s because I’m in Tokyo but things have been busy this week! I’d like to share my morning run today though. For me it’s so important for me to move in some way in the morning, it helps to wake me up, it clears my head so I am more productive for the restContinue reading “Day 4 of an Active gypsy adventure”

Day 1 an active gypsy’s adventure.

I am starting a written journey of my adventures as I explore Japan as a guide for Venture http://www.ventureea.com/ Venture lead a variety of trips, from family based, culture, food and the more physically demanding active trips. With my background being in exercise science and my passion for fitness my intention of my writing isContinue reading “Day 1 an active gypsy’s adventure.”

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