Exercises to relieve wrist pain

Do your wrists feel weak? Are you experiencing pain from overuse? The nature of work today requires a lot of pressure to be placed upon our fingers and wrists. How are repetitive wrist injuries caused? We’re no longer getting the flexibility and mobility that writing with a pen or pencil would offer, and instead ourContinue reading “Exercises to relieve wrist pain”


“What inspires YOU to look and feel your healthiest self?  What is health to YOU? What is the purpose of being active and eating healthy for YOU?” Injury: From a horse accident, car accident, rolled ankle and surfing accident I was injured for almost 5 months of 2015. Although challenging I learnt to acknowledging whatContinue reading “#Fitspo”

So you want a core workout?

Abby and I got to play the other day without the company of her gorgeous son, allowing us to extend the session and have a little more mama needs focus. Abby asked if we could have a focus on strengthening through her core, a really common request and a lot of fun to play with.Continue reading “So you want a core workout?”

The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims

This gypsy guide is on a new trip and one with a fit family of 3 from Phoenix Arizona, we met in Tokyo shared sake in a tiny 60’s bar in Golden Gai and our friendship was sealed that’s until I took them on a 20km bike ride around Tokyo the next day exploring backContinue reading “The active gypsy adventurer meets her next victims”

Day 4 of an Active gypsy adventure

Maybe it’s because I’m in Tokyo but things have been busy this week! I’d like to share my morning run today though. For me it’s so important for me to move in some way in the morning, it helps to wake me up, it clears my head so I am more productive for the restContinue reading “Day 4 of an Active gypsy adventure”

Day 2 of an active gypsy

I woke this morning to the sunlight beaming through my window already Kyoto’s summer humidity rising at 5:45am battling with the idea I pulled myself up to meet my friend Healy for a morning workout. The 1km run to Umekoji park was even a struggle, clearly the ice cream and pastries the day before didContinue reading “Day 2 of an active gypsy”

Adventure PT’s Ultimate Body Detox challenge

Adventure PT is beginning the Ultimate Body Detox. After the loss of my beautiful friend Elle to mental illness, there are a lot of people I know including myself that are now needing some healing. This program will be perfect for anyone looking for a fresh new training program and it is guaranteed to beContinue reading “Adventure PT’s Ultimate Body Detox challenge”

Why cross train?…

Whether you’re a runner, golfer, cricketer, surfer whatever sport you love it is important to train outside of your chosen sport as well for optimal results and all round fitness. Sometimes we could be doing more harm than good by repeating the same movements, and actually increase our risk of injuries due to overuse. WhilstContinue reading “Why cross train?…”

Get that “Spring” back in your step

After a cold Winter we’re usually feeling a little worse for wear, perhaps our diets haven’t been as great, we’ve been more sedentary than we would have liked, it all has an impact on our muscles, how we move and emotionally as well feeling less energy and not as motivated. This post is all aboutContinue reading “Get that “Spring” back in your step”

Creating possibilities

What does yoga, surfing and Adventure PT all have in common? There of course is the obvious health reasons, that all have these activities require movement and therefore are benefiting your heart, and prevention of many health related risks. Let’s start with yoga. Why should we practice yoga? Yoga is about slowing down enough toContinue reading “Creating possibilities”

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