12 adventures to do this June

Mushroom foraging and hunting. Observing the many species. Take photo’s and research what you find after. Mushrooms have been used as a source of nutrition and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Check out this link to find out more. Go for a bushwalk in the rain, smelling the air and plants and watching theContinue reading “12 adventures to do this June”

Seasonal living- Autumn

Welcome Autumn you divine season of beauty, and vibrant both in nature and within. With Autumn you may feel like you energy is shifting more within, and you’re perhaps less motivated to be as aggressive in your training, instead you’re looking to more movements of grounding and a strong consciousness to your breath. Spend moreContinue reading “Seasonal living- Autumn”

Chasing the colours of Autumn

It is my favourite time of year! The sun is still shining bright, and the trees burst into colour! Every year I look forward to exploring some of my favourite trails, gardens and places to view the beautiful colours. Offering not just beauty but an opportunity for play in the parks and some beautiful walks. NoContinue reading “Chasing the colours of Autumn”

Why Spend Winter Outdoors

When the sun is beaming and the temperature is warm we have no problem getting outdoors, there’s more light, our muscles feel looser in the heat, the world even seems happier when the sun is shining. So when the colder months arrive should we stop spending time in our outdoor environments? Definitely not, all ofContinue reading “Why Spend Winter Outdoors”

Mother’s Day Tribute

I was so lucky to have spent a morning with such divine mothers and their amazing bright eyed and wonderful children for a special Mother’s Day Nature Healing family class. I had to share the experience as I was left feeling so touched by how this class evolved that I had to write it downContinue reading “Mother’s Day Tribute”

Nature Healing

What is Nature Healing? It is to immerse yourself in wild places full of natural wonder. To connect with yourself and your surrounds on a deeper sensory level. Inviting the sounds of the birds, or the waves lapping the sand. Inviting the smells of rain to come or flowers blooming. Welcoming all there is toContinue reading “Nature Healing”

Moving with the Trails

Trail running is learning to get out of your head and into your body. Your body becomes your map directing you where to go, guiding you with feeling. Move faster, change direction, breathe deeply. We listen and we engage all of our senses and physical form. There is no time, no obligations you are justContinue reading “Moving with the Trails”

Skin Deep

  Did you know Adventure PT is a regular guest poster for Mornington Peninsula Fitness Network a great page connecting the fitness professionals of the Mornington Peninsula providing you with a great source of current information and motivation. Read below my latest post all about our skin and the powers of touch. When looking at mentalContinue reading “Skin Deep”

So you want a core workout?

Abby and I got to play the other day without the company of her gorgeous son, allowing us to extend the session and have a little more mama needs focus. Abby asked if we could have a focus on strengthening through her core, a really common request and a lot of fun to play with.Continue reading “So you want a core workout?”

The Yoga girl challenge

Saturday 23rd of August I started the Yoga girl challenge. I’m posting this almost a year later, finding that I wrote about each day but never published it. My life has taken quite the turn around from this once life and it was nice to read back and reflect on my life in Japan butContinue reading “The Yoga girl challenge”

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