About Me

My name is Jade de Valle, I was born on the Mornington Peninsula. Growing up camping and exploring different natural surrounds and activities my body and mind have always been curious and adventurous. I love to travel and embrace new cultures. I’ve travelled Europe and lived and worked in Japan as a tour guide for a year, developing active holidays. For the past 5 years I’ve called the Yarra Valley home and enjoy connecting and grounding my clients to their homes and natural surrounds through movement.


  • I am qualified as an Exercise scientist with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • I have a Certificate III in Pilates
  • Am registered as a Wildfitness trainer
  • Accredited ASI Level 1 Surf instructor
  • Level One Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Boxing with THUMP Boxing. 
  • I am also continuing to work with Benny Fergusson and Movement Monk practices to develop my skills and coaching in self -healing and assisting clients to develop a deeper connection and understanding of their bodies and minds
  • I have worked as a tour guide in Japan and Australia leading both cultural and active tours across these two mesmerizing countries. Providing my clients with the best possible experience in everything I do is my passion.
  • My time in Japan broadened my training curiosity and I fell in love with aikido and more Eastern practices of movement and self-healing.

With me, you’re in safe hands, the change you’re looking for is within you and I look forward to guiding you to find your true human potential.

When we exercise I think we should always love what we’re doing. Here are a few of my favourite sports.

There is nothing more cleansing and thrilling than being immersed in waves, playing with the forever changing ocean. An environment that we will never fully discover, the ocean keeps its secrets hidden like its inhabitants, and I love that it is always a mystery and always surprising me, making my heart race.

Trail running:me run
Everything should be connected when we move: our brain, our body and the earth we make contact with. When I run I want to enter a world that can only be discovered by foot, unable to be traversed by cars, so that my footprints can be the first to make a mark. I am lucky to live close to so many great trails and with many more not far to travel to. Without my two feet I would be lost and I am always grateful to have them. Trail running is my meditation and a special kind of freedom.

Rock climbing:
This is a new sport that has taken my heart by storm. My whole body and brain work together in rock climbing, solving problems and shifting my body in positions to reach the final goal. I am always challenged by taking on new risks, and the community I climb with are some of the most supportive, inspiring and genuine people I’ve ever met.

I try to practice yoga every day, tapping into the flow of my body through movements matched to the rhythm of my breath. I am completely connected to me and what my body needs in this space, feeling where there is tension, where there is pain. Yoga reminds me that our breath is a powerful thing moving out our bodies toxins, nourishing our muscles and organs; it is our life force and so it should be trained just as our muscles and brain are.

Adventure PT:
Yep, I practice what I preach and train myself in the principles of free movement, play and exploration! Searching to see the beauty of all sports and activities, I am always willing and excited to try new things on this adventure in nature, life and the human body. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and the picturesque Mornington Peninsula with you.

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