Seasonal living- Autumn

Welcome Autumn you divine season of beauty, and vibrant both in nature and within.

With Autumn you may feel like you energy is shifting more within, and you’re perhaps less motivated to be as aggressive in your training, instead you’re looking to more movements of grounding and a strong consciousness to your breath.


Spend more time breathing

Our lungs are one of the most important organs of the body, if they’re not used properly we can build tension in the body causing you to feel sluggish, your movements will be affected and you could feel pain build in your muscles. Your immune system is also affected by poor breathing, unable to effectively remove toxins that can build up in the body.

Spending even just 5 minutes completely conscious in your breathing can have profound effects for your bodies functioning, your mindset and energy that carries you through the day.


Take a walk

One of the best ways we can nourish our lungs after spending time in stillness to breathe is to take a walk outside. Breathing in the fresh cooling air of the season, filling our lungs and also preparing our immune system to be readily open to adapt to the change and avoid getting sick. Taking a walk before running or jumping into any other strenuous activity can assist to ground you both emotionally, mentally and physically.

Have a read of my latest blog offering some great places to walk around Melbourne whilst also observing the beautiful leaves changing colour.

Gathering what is essential for your functioning and removing what is not needed

Autumn is a harvesting month not just for delicious produce but also for your body. It is a great time to acknowledge all that is filling you up with greatness and removing all that does not serve your greatest self.


Seasonal nourishment:

Eating with the seasons is another great way to ensure you’re body is receiving the best foods for this time of year.

Some of the foods that are in season include;









Finishing touches:

Do not place judgment on yourself if you’re feeling the need to rest more, spend the time to store energy, to ground yourself and exploring within and all the offerings of nature that come with this season.


Photography by Aaron Jansen- Follow on Instagram: @a.c.jansen_photography

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