Mother’s Day Tribute

I was so lucky to have spent a morning with such divine mothers and their amazing bright eyed and wonderful children for a special Mother’s Day Nature Healing family class. I had to share the experience as I was left feeling so touched by how this class evolved that I had to write it down to share.

What was created this morning was something special. A place for mother and child to reconnect, a space completely available for them to take from it whatever they chose, a space for free thought and free movement full of all kinds of beauty, and a space close to home.

No matter the age we found ourselves walking a path hand in hand with our loved ones shaded by trees of colour.IMG_7222

A study done in the Biology of psychiatry, outlines the importance of mother to child contact at birth. That first contact is a child’s first lesson in development, physically and psychologically. To feel our mothers skin, to hear her familiar heartbeat is an automatic comfort to calm a child through the transition of womb to a new world.

We sat together in a circle our back’s to our mother and all held hands, once again we could feel the beat of our loved ones heart, the sweetest sound of life. Eyes closed the sound of the children’s breath was an automatic reliever of stress to us as adults. For their safety and health is one of the most important things. Still even though we’re not babies anymore to touch and to feel our mother or for a mother to feel their child, or even experience the feeling of a kind person can heal and relax us to the soul.

Opening our eyes, this sense of sight could now be heightened, to observe, to search and to find. Before technology grew and grew, childhood play could be to imagine, and to make that dream a reality. Fun did not have to be purchased it would be found and created, children would develop fine motor skills, brain functioning, creativity. Sourcing and discovering skills, children could build entire worlds.

One hundred and fifty years ago a man named Herbert Spencer espoused the “surplus energy theory,” explaining that the main reason for children’s play is to get rid of surplus energy, or to burn off steam. From this point playgrounds and outdoor environments have been designed around trying to tire children out. Completely disregarding the many physical, and mental lessons gained and life skills we take from experiencing a changing natural world and the benefits to engage in unstructured play.

We looked at how autumn had changed these gardens, with the many toadstools and mushrooms we would learn today the dangers, but be curious of the beauty and natural growth of such fungi.

A patch of leaves would soon become the greatest piece of play equipment in the world. Everyone let go here, they let go of self judgement, and physical restrictions and simply played. Crunching through leaves, rolling around and throwing arm fulls of leaves at strangers. In this environment social bonding was triggered. Adult to adult, child to child, children to adult and parent to child we witnessed joy, and we witnessed vulnerability.

Wondering how to get a great workout? Play in a pile of leaves. Squat, run, roll, twist and laugh, completely connected with yourself physically without needing to overthink the pattern it could just flows.

Tree climbing is something we should never grow old of, it is a great way for us to explore, to learn how to assess risks, observe our own capabilities and strength, acknowledge our fears, connect our contralateral systems, build physical strength, learn to problem solve and have a whole lot of fun. How high can you go? Can you make it all the way around? Observe your body and assess nature. Doing it together we feel safer to go further, to challenge perhaps, but always connected with ourselves to know how high is too high. As we age we move away from being so in the moment we over analyze, we overthink, stress and fear build and our decisions and bodies are affected. To be together in a social environment we are able to encourage one another, moving away from self doubt and finding inner strength.

Accessing not just our physical selves but our creative selves. Relaxing our breath and once again observing our surroundings. “Look up.” the world continues to spin and the clouds continue to change shape as we change and grow as well. Take a moment to view the shapes, what can you see? Are they telling you a story? Ground yourself by sinking into the earth, and allowing yourself to soften up to the sky.

Our outdoor environment can provide us with so much experience. We as humans are always growing, always adapting and forever changing just like nature. We were once a child, influenced by our the person our mother is and upbringing we were given. We learnt from those experiences and evolved into our next self, becoming parents one day ourselves continuing the spiral.

My mother is my greatest hero, she is the most kind, loving and beautiful person inside and out. The decisions I make are influenced by what she may think, or how I can make her proud.

We love our parents unconditionally as they love us in return, it is their love that teaches us what love is, and so determines how we will love another but most importantly ourselves.

Happy Mothers day xx

Nature Healing is a meditative experience through natural surrounds.

Weekly classes are available  at Sea Winds Gardens, Arthur’s Seat.

Thursday’s 9 30 am- 10 30 am

and Friday’s 9 30 am- 10 30 am

Contact Jade on 0431302634 to book your spot

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