Nature Healing

What is Nature Healing?

It is to immerse yourself in wild places full of natural wonder. To connect with yourself and your surrounds on a deeper sensory level. Inviting the sounds of the birds, or the waves lapping the sand. Inviting the smells of rain to come or flowers blooming. Welcoming all there is to see, to expand your view as far as it can stretch or to narrow it as far back to simply where you stand. To feel your body completely internally and externally, noticing how your musculature works.

By opening our senses, we can slow our minds down to the present, without a care of what’s to come you can simply just be where you are in that moment. Feeding our mental health, we can lower our stress levels, reduce anxiety. We become more fulfilled and happy when we are in the present, finding gratitude in the simplest of things, these can then be seen as miracles.

 Adventure Personal Training is now taking group Nature Healing sessions each week for an hour in the beautiful Waterfall Gully on the Mornington Peninsula. You will be guided through both standing, walking and sensory meditations, as well invited to embark on your own journey in silence.

Follow this link for more details.

These sessions are designed to suit all levels of fitness, and for anyone looking to learn how to be mindful and present. Who are looking to add more time to their day by nurturing their entire body and mind back to health.

A Personal Experience:

I stepped out from the car park to see a mountain in the distance and gateway of trees affected by their elements, the trees were bent and created an opening I stepped through. The trees here were protected, they were  tall stretching far to reach the sunlight, their mother of growth. The air was fresh and cold in here, sheltered by the shade of the leaves, the light had dimmed. I stood still wanting to find stability like one of these tree roots. Feeling centered through my feet, I expanded my breath so my knees could soften and my hips could let go, my breath expanded my chest and my arms lay gently by my side as I felt myself almost grow taller. I chose what I wanted to hear first listening to the many different calls of bird species in this one place and then I listened to my breath, hearing thoughts come and go, my head felt clear. As I began to welcome in the external life once again it was as though my ears could now stretch further, I heard that soft yet invigorating sound of water running. I took off feeling the harsh shells of bark that hold these trees so strong, the rough, yet delicate brush of ferns touching my face, I moved forward. The creek was flowing fast, hitting the rocks to make falls that would run off, gently moving the smaller stones beneath. I felt the energy of the water and drank from it, tasting the fresh, cold moisture enter my body, it would feed the land here and now it would feed my body as well.

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I'm an Exercise Scientist leading Personal Training and active tours around Parks Victoria protected spaces of Warburton and the Mornington Peninsula. A lover all things movement, incorporating nature into our sessions and personal workouts. I spent 2014 in Japan working as a tour guide and researching trails and writing active trips for both Australia and Japan. I enjoy competing in fun runs and trail runs, with my favourite being the Two Bays trail run. You can check out some of my workouts and fitness tips on my personal blog, Qualifications include: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificates III and IV in fitness, Level 1 instructor in Mat Pilates, Wild fitness trainer, Level I and II boxing instructor, Surf instructor.

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