“What inspires YOU to look and feel your healthiest self?  What is health to YOU?

What is the purpose of being active and eating healthy for YOU?”


From a horse accident, car accident, rolled ankle and surfing accident I was injured for almost 5 months of 2015. Although challenging I learnt to acknowledging what it feels like to heal and need rest, and the change in movement patterns to protect my injured areas. The tensions that can build within the body from emotional trauma and the influence this has on recovery time. All of these things I had never really thought about in depth until this year. 

The role of our emotions in movement freedom:

Before injury my view of movement was to explore it, no matter the risk involved I wanted to try everything, to test my capabilities. I jumped ahead forgetting what makes me me. The foundations of movement, the simple practices of articulation and integrated movement, to not isolate or move for ego but to move for freedom. To experience movement freedom however you have to be connected. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Every experience we have is another influence on our body. Our emotions can set us free, or they can create blockages of tension. Suppressing emotion can suppress your level of mobility and access to movements.

Learning to unite:

For real health you have to find wholeness and balance within your psyche, physical and mental chain. All of this which connects to your internal chain of the fascia and meridians. It is through work with Benny Fergusson the Movement Monk that I have really been able to understand and work through this tension release. I highly recommend getting in touch and seeing and feeling for yourself the power behind his instruction and the new Tension Release Technique. IMG_1767

Mirror mirror?

Of course we’re all wanting to achieve that physically good looking body, but to have your goal purely at this section you’re missing the link and connection with yourself and what it needs to feel healthy.

Stories to inspire:

Working for Mornington Peninsula Surf School we had a group who were had never surfed before and were there to celebrate their friends 50th birthday. What a brilliant idea I thought, they were so adorable, like watching kids experience surfing for the first time. They were silly, they were nervous, they wanted so much to have that feeling of standing on a board.

A few months ago I watched as a couple in their 70’s carried their beach chairs to the sand and walked out through the wind chop waves in the bay. They balanced with ease, they laughed, relaxing their diaphragms and whole body, they let their bodies ignite it’s inner heat to withstand the cold and refreshing temperature. They moved with ease and joy. These two stories are my “fitspiration.” No matter what my age I want my entire self to feel connected and at ease. I want to always have curiosity and excitement around trying new things and experiences. To be present in all that I do so I can feel everything, emotionally, physically and mentally, to prevent tension build up from holding things in and “just be.”


Tune in and let go.

You’re never too old, or too injured to feel that childlike freedom within your body, we can access in all kinds of ways.

If you’re looking to unite your body, to go back to the foundations that make us mobile humans. Join me at Beach Lane for group classes starting May 31st Tuesday’s 10 am and Thursday’s 4pm.

For more information I will also be hosting a special evening in The Wholesome Nest at Beach Lane to share with you a few fundamental exercises for mobility, as well as goal setting at some delicious herbal tea and treats. Follow this link for more details.

To finish this post I’ll leave with an observation from 1953 by existential psychologist Rollo May which to this day I feel is still valid.


“As a result of centuries of suppressing the body into an inanimate machine,subordinated to the purposes of modern industrialization, people are proud of paying no attention to the body. They treat i as an object for manipulation, as though it were a truck to be driven till it runs out of gas. The only concern they give it is a thought each week as perfunctory as a phone call to a relative to ask how he/she is, but with really no intention of taking the answer seriously. Nature then comes along, if we speak metaphorically, and knocks the person down with a cold or the flu or more severe illness, as though she were saying. “When will you learn to listen to your body.” 



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