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So I’ve had it with society dictating who we are, how we should act, how we should behave, what to do, what to eat…. How to live our OWN lives.

I’ve said it so many times, that in this modern world where answers and information is at our fingertips, making life, easy, we’ve now detoured so far from easy, and so far from the obvious answer that is to just ask yourself.

How we should look and the healthy body shape is decided through media, just look at this article on how the “ideal” body image has changed over this past century.

Where we are born and how we have been bought up plays a major role in the type of body we have. So what is the ideal diet? We’re all looking for that one super pill, that “easy” fix. Well have a read of Peter Menzel and Faith D’Alusio’s insightful book. What I eat Around the World in 8- Diets. These two photojournalists decided to research people, their lives, what they do and what they eat in a day across the globe. The photo’s and the stories will open your eyes to just how warped our society is.

To check out more about this study check out this video 

There is a quote in the video above that Peter said; “It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat and the energy you burn after.” Everyday you’re doing and feeling different things, so really your ideal diet is one that can adapt to the life you choose to live each day. Unless you do the exact same thing everyday and even to the extent of the weather conditions; After all on a hot day we sweat more and lose more body fluid so need to replenish this. Your diet is going to have to change each and everyday! If you’re training for a sporting event, you’re going to be training a lot more, you’re going to be sweating a lot more, you’re putting your body through a lot more stress, so your food intake will increase the types of food will have to change to compliment this activity.

To get the answers you’re looking for I want you to start asking the person who knows you best. So here’s my challenge.

Day 1: Instead of looking in a mirror to see how you look, I want you to feel yourself. Feel every part of your body, every bump, every curve, every hair and pimple. Now explore whatever feelings come up.

Now tune in and ask why? Explore why your body feels the way it does, the child you may have given birth to has left its mark, the food you ate earlier has left it’s mark, the scar you got from playing sport has left it’s mark. Each part of you has a story, and every story makes you the person you are. Accept every part of you. To be able to touch and accept yourself is a powerful thing, opening so many doors to confidence, love, comfort to be able to be touched by someone else. Read my blog Skin deep to get a further insight.

Day 2. When you choose what to wear today ask why? How do you want to feel when you walk out the door? For instance I have a drawer full of bathers, because I love to surf and be in the ocean. I like to have fun some fun with colours, and I like to have a selection of styles depending on surf, if it’s bigger I need something to stay on, if it’s small I want something that’s a little prettier and perhaps less functional. Let your outfit reflect what you’re doing and how you want to feel.

Day 3. Why are you eating that? Are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you celebrating an occasion? Food is a fuel source so as much as we can have sugar cravings sometimes. Ask yourself why? Is it this mad addiction the world has? Or are you starving yourself from good sugars and perhaps need some quality fruit or honey. If you’re tired perhaps you need some good carbohydrates. If you’re hot, if you’re cold, if you’re muscles ache…. Listen to your body and eat the food it needs to function optimally.

Day 4: Write a list of all your favourite things. Then pull out your diary and schedule in time to include them into your life.

Day 5: Schedule in a time to try something new. Whether it be a place, an activity, explore what’s around your community or outside and learn something new.

Day 6: Find an inspiring book. I’ve listed one earlier but a couple of my favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma, or recently deceased Waye Dyer.

Day 7: Talk to a stranger. Acknowledge someone in the street, on a train, in the workplace and start up a conversation.

Day 8: Plan a date with a family member you haven’t spent time with in a while.

Day 10: Ask a friend to tell you what they love about you and do the same to them.

Day 11: Get lost. Whether it be the streets of the city or a suburb you’ve never been or in nature just allow yourself to switch off and see what you can find.

Day 12: Turn off the internet first for half a day (when you’re not asleep) and if you can a whole day.

Day 13: Visit your local market and get to know your local farmers, then cook yourself/and your family a home cooked meal.

Day 14: What are you grateful for today?

Day 15: Find a peaceful place and meditate for 20 minutes

Day 15: Look through old photographs and memories and acknowledge who you are today.

Day 16: What’s next beautiful creature? You could write down a to do list of a million things, and i’m sure you could smash everyone of them but maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you need rather then what you want… 

Breathe and enjoy the sweet ride.

My beautiful mum
My beautiful mum

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