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Did you know Adventure PT is a regular guest poster for Mornington Peninsula Fitness Network a great page connecting the fitness professionals of the Mornington Peninsula providing you with a great sourceIMG_3779 of current information and motivation. Read below my latest post all about our skin and the powers of touch.

When looking at mental and physical development we often look deep into the muscular anatomy and the brain, but are we skipping ahead? Our skin is the largest organ in the human body so surely we’re missing some answers right where we can see and touch….

From birth the initial contact with your mother is the most vital in activating our physiological and psychological responses for both movement and brain development. The skin on skin contact initiates the expansion of the lungs by crying, the ability to rest and be calm decreasing stress hormones in both the child and mother, the movement of crawling and suckling that allows a child to feed, and of course familiarization, to know and understand who your mother is. To read more about these steps go here.

No matter what age that interaction of touch has profound effects on our mood, stress levels, immune and cognitive functions. To touch products of nature, say a tree or the change in temperature of air to the cold ocean, it’s a way for us to better understand and connect with these things, like shaking someone’s hand. Touch sends messages to our brain storing these feelings as memories and recognition, to learn, to become familiar and to bond. Some studies have suggested that acne is a result from an increase in stress levels, which elevate both testosterone and cortisol levels. Disconnectedness is then linked to lower participation in physical activities increasing the chance of obesity.

Sexual contact could be one of the best ways to describe that power of touch that skin on skin, which ignites both hormonal and physical responses for all parties involved. With our stress response hormones like cortisol and dopamine, PEA (phenylethylamine) oxytocin our “cuddle” hormone is also released. oxytocin has been linked to lowering blood pressure, it can speed up healing and reduce pain from injury, oxytocin can counter addiction and withdrawal symptoms. This hormone is released after sexual intercourse so just holding each other and not even having sex this hormone can still have positive effects. When we’re lacking oxytocin, it has been linked to an increase in aggression, and anxiety, it will also help with cell proliferation to inhibit breast and prostate cancer, and patients with autism have seen improvements with more oxytocin. These are just a few of the many benefits of this hormone that is so easily made just by hugging. Read more about sexual healing and oxytocin here.

Today our skin care professionals are looking a lot deeper into what we we’re doing to influence the changes in our skin. Peninsula local Crystal is one of these professionals and is creating some incredible products with her brand Ecology Skincare, by listening to the feedback of people and what they’re doing, which will influence their skin response. Even just self-touch can be beneficial in reducing anxiety and assisting healing.

Our skin speaks in a way, we can see the effects first hand every time we look in the mirror we see the impact our life choices are taking on our skin. Like our muscles if there is a reoccurring injury or dysfunction, don’t seek the quick fix, find out why and get to the root. The same thing can be said for your skin, if there is inflammation or abnormalities then don’t just pump yourself with hormonal pills, find out why. We’re a touch deprived society, always in a rush, and stress is on the rise. Are we simply missing more human, social and natural interaction?





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