So you want a core workout?

imageAbby and I got to play the other day without the company of her gorgeous son, allowing us to extend the session and have a little more mama needs focus. Abby asked if we could have a focus on strengthening through her core, a really common request and a lot of fun to play with. Generally when we think about the core we think abdominals right? Well actually your core is made up of a number of things including your pelvic floor, the muscles in your back, shoulders, butt, hips and outer and inner leg muscles. These are all working together to keep you BALANCED, maintain posture and assist with your breath movement and function. So a core workout functionally will involve them all! We’ll keep things simple and just look at the picture at hand which has Abby climbing and crawling on a tree. A progression of our development to be able to crawl and balance to activate our brain to muscle communication and challenge our contralateral system body strength and imagination. I let her play a little here and try out a few different movements. I didn’t just want to say do this or do that, after all it’s her workout, and I feel as the trainer I’m their to guide her body to prevent injury, I’m there to motivate and challenge her but I’m not there to disconnect her from her own thoughts and feelings. So with some prompting to start and of course some extra little challenged Abby came up with a little branch limbo back extension, stepping over to strengthen her legs, glutes and increase flexibility through the hips. Crawling and hanging for shoulder stabilisation, balance control, decompression of the spine and wrists. We also worked on rotation and twisting, activating her side abdominals or oblique muscles, posterior the erector spinae and iliopsoas muscle group working in synergy to stabilise the core and trunk.

Maintaining a strong core is vital for good postural alignment and breath control. Relaxing the hips and opening the chest to let in the oxygen and release tension can be shown in the next picture. For the workout is important but so is the psychological and mental aspect of health, enjoying the full experience. Taking in our amazing location at Sea Winds Gaimagerdens. These guys have got their balance control down pat.

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