The art of complete happiness and overall health

Do you believe that a healthy lifestyle consists of you smashing your body in an intense workout, portion control and counting calories? Then you need to read this. You’re not getting the honest truth, the truth that will actually give you results not only physically, but will make you happier in all aspects of your life as well.

What if you could look better on the outside?

Feel better on the inside?

Perform better in your workplace?

You can here’s the secret.

Train your body, your mind, and your heart

Not just one but connect with all three of these and this is where you see results, stop trying to isolate muscle groups when you’re training, saying it’s abs day, or butt day or arms, we’re not a Mr potato head, you can’t swap and change certain body parts. Each muscle group is connected to another and therefore you have to train it as if it’s one. By isolating yourself from your surroundings and people, training in a box of four walls, closing the blinds, putting in ear phones we lose that competition, social and fun aspect of training, we lose our sense of adventure. We isolate our minds listen to your instructor, do as they say but do you really know what you’re doing? What are you thinking about when you train? Because if it’s not your breath, if it’s not that movement your performing then you’re not getting the most from that session.

I’m going to tell you a story, an example of how I used everyone of these in one day so you understand how this works step by step.

I woke up Saturday morning opened my blinds to let the light of the day in. Connect with your natural surroundings to train-Heart

I cracked a fresh coconut outside and then filled it with warm porridge, blue berries and pineapple and enjoyed the fresh coconut flesh as I went. The other half I used the flesh in a smoothie of spinach, banana, kiwi fruit, egg and coconut water. Nourishment- Body

I rode my bike 10km along the river in the morning sunlight, saying “konichiwa” to those I passed to a temple I had never been to before in the North of Kyoto. Body-Heart-Mind=Adventure

It was at Shunkoin temple that I was to join a zen meditation class, unfortunately the priest was sick that day, not to worry I strolled through the large Myoshinji temple complex one of the largest in Kyoto looking in at the gardens.  I entered the sub-temple Taizoin temple, It had only just opened and the morning light was perfectly touching the garden and the autumn Japanese maple. I didn’t need a priest to guide me through a meditation all I needed was this surrounding, my breath and complete awareness. I ordered a matcha tea and drank it peacefully in the tea room with open windows looking out across to what seemed like my own private garden. I’ve never been that good at meditation, I never want to close my eyes unless I’m sleeping, i feel like I’ll miss a miracle. I kept them open watching the carp swim, watching the other people walk through and enjoy the garden, listening to the small waterfalls, the trees and the birds. I listened to my breath and felt my heart beat slow down my shoulders soften and let all the worries of work, all my responsibilities I allowed them to leave me for this private moment in this beautiful space.  Breathe, connect with nature, connect with yourself, learn new things, explore new places- Body, Mind, Heart. AUTUMN1

It was only 10am so I cycled to the rooftop of a building to meet new friends and join a bootcamp, my first community sweat session since living in Kyoto I was so excited! The session involved fitness testing, something I hadn’t done in a while. I always try and train myself, push myself but sometimes the mind get the better of you and this is when a training buddy or group of people to push you to that next level is needed. From strength limits, to the beep test it was all about pushing ourselves. This was not a competition but something to understand what our personal limits were. We laughed, we motivated and we shared the pain for this pain was not uncomfortable but a sign we were working and we were pushing our limits. You see there’s a difference to being given an exercise and told a number to complete, given a weight and left to smash yourself. if we can feel our limits personally and be aware of them and use our trainer for guidance of technique and motivation this is where you receive the best quality session. I left feeling fantastic, proud and happy to have shared it with new friends. Roof top overlooking Kyoto in the sunlight -Nature connection/heart. New Friends and motivation-Helps to teach the mind you can go further. A great whole body workout to sweat- Love your body!


Fitness for your body does not always have to be about particular exercises or a space which is controlled but it can be free and spontaneous, not a care about time but wanting to keep going because you’re having too much fun to stop. My next workout was just this. My friend Shuya Okino as DJ at a jazz festival in Osaka with great people provided me with a space where I danced for 6 hours. This number you would never plan, for the moves used were not judged by technique but completely free to feel the music run through you, to feed off your friends energy and simply let go. I threw my entire body into every movement and felt every body part the next day, but I was having so much fun I could have danced all night. Freedom to move for the joy of exactly that activity. Laughter and nourishment of happiness through social interaction and modern technology to engage in an activity that allows you to let go, and explore. Body-Mind-Heart

Check out Kyoto Jazz massive to find out if they’ll be playing near you soon or download their music so you can let go for a boogie as well


You see how easy it is to train all these things together, to give yourself completely to a lifestyle of happiness, freedom, strength mentally and physically. It’s this space where you discover your best self and be true to that person each monent of each day.

Give it a go, make these three things a priority, to combine them in everything you do.

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I'm an Exercise Scientist leading Personal Training and active tours around Parks Victoria protected spaces of Warburton and the Mornington Peninsula. A lover all things movement, incorporating nature into our sessions and personal workouts. I spent 2014 in Japan working as a tour guide and researching trails and writing active trips for both Australia and Japan. I enjoy competing in fun runs and trail runs, with my favourite being the Two Bays trail run. You can check out some of my workouts and fitness tips on my personal blog, Qualifications include: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificates III and IV in fitness, Level 1 instructor in Mat Pilates, Wild fitness trainer, Level I and II boxing instructor, Surf instructor.

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