Day 4 of an Active gypsy adventure

Maybe it’s because I’m in Tokyo but things have been busy this week! I’d like to share my morning run today though. For me it’s so important for me to move in some way in the morning, it helps to wake me up, it clears my head so I am more productive for the rest of the day and it’s my favourite time of day when the streets are quiet and I just get to think about me.
I set out running along the streets filled with lanterns, and the city only just waking up, I ran to my favourite park in Tokyo, Ueno park, perhaps a place some may skip on their trip to Tokyo with so many other places like Asakusa, Akihabara, Shinjuku and Shibuya offering a lot more for the easy access, we’ve got everything districts. For me though if I didn’t know what season it was, I could look at this park and it would tell me, it offers the biggest change every time I come back here before a trip. From my first experience, calling my sister and singing “do you want to build a snow man because the whole place was covered in white, then the cherries were out with trees filling the place and the pond reflecting soft pink beauty. The reeds took over as the mornings were lighter and then now the entire place is a field of green, the lotus absolutely taking over, and life been reborn in this pond. IMG_5582IMG_6366IMG_7022IMG_8722

I stopped to see what I could find and noticed turtles sun bathing, and carp with their freaky mouth looking up for food, the birds and ducks taking flight or simply enjoying a cruise. I wasn’t ready to run back so I found my favourite spot on the jetty which overlooks the whole park and was treated to a women’s divine voice as she sung and welcomed the day, I let her voice guide me through my morning vinyasas. I felt relaxed, energized, strong, and ready for this beautiful day as I ran back. Another thing I love about training in the morning is when you start the day with exercise you have then given your body a fresh start and it then wants to keep this good feeling, so foods you then crave are healthier and usually more nutritious, you are more in tune body and mind to all that you need.

Enjoy your day!


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