Adventure PT’s Ultimate Body Detox challenge

Adventure PT is beginning the Ultimate Body Detox.

After the loss of my beautiful friend Elle to mental illness, there are a lot of people I know including myself that are now needing some healing. This program will be perfect for anyone looking for a fresh new training program and it is guaranteed to be one you will want to continue with.

I don’t believe in waiting for the perfect time to start because time is already always limited so drop the cookie and start your journey!


Step 1. Self-healing/cleansing:


You’ve lost connection with yourself and your needs and your mind is constantly racing, you’re lacking motivation and could easily stay in bed…. Not today, I want you to start slow, yep long term results begin slow life does not need to be rushed. What you’re trying to do is to connect with yourself so take a walk, go for a light swim. This morning I practised yoga. You’re trying to tune in to your needs, what are you feeling? Now return your acknowledgment of your needs with actions and begin to nurture
Change your diet to foods that will ease your pain, make you feel lighter and fresh. Look for coloured, fresh foods and fruits.

That’s day 1 Good luck and be sure to ask if you have any questions or need anything.


Day 2 of your ultimate body detox. run bushrangers

Your mind is racing, set out on your own either running, walking, cycling and go somewhere you’ve never been before, find a new route. The idea is to use your brain, all of those other thoughts won’t be a priority when you have to work out where you’re going, or you keep thinking and get lost and discover new things anyway. You should be doing things that get your heart pumping so you can feel your blood moving that you can feel you’re still alive, that your body is functioning. Now you can feel what’s going on in the inside you can be more in tune to your emotions and understand why they’re there, understand that every single one you’re feeling is ok and normal. Once you have acknowledged what is happening on the inside you can start noticing where you are and the beauty and wonders of this new surrounding you have entered. No excuses get out and explore!

Day 3 of your ultimate body detox.

Be strong now, within yourself and your goals you’re doing a good thing to take care of yourself. To strengthen our muscles we create a personal body guard around our vital organs.
In this clip I demonstrate how you can use rocks as weights and how to perform exercises using this weight safely. So choose any weight, it should be heavy enough to feel like a challenge but light enough to lift over your head without needing to recruit your back, remember you must use your belly and leg muscles to support you here!

I have only performed two reps to show you how to do the exercise but a good starting point would be 10 of each and 3sets to get your heart rate really going. Have fun!

Ps. sometimes you just want to throw something so feel free to bend your knees and add the throws in as well.

climbDay 4 of your ultimate body detox start climbing!
Find a hill and run, skip, jump or walk. Mentally and physically hills are a must, picture your goal up the top and get up that thing and capture it.
Hills will train your fundamental muscles, and actions which you need strong in everyday activities. A strong butt and strong legs; Hills will also help you to train your breath and lung capacity to stay calm, so open your chest and draw your shoulders back for good posture. It is also maybe the best way to teach run technique, it is impossible to land on your heals as you will be imbalanced, therefore training your core stability and balance. You will find you will naturally land on your forefoot and the next step will feel a lot more fluent and spring you to the next step. So there are a few why’s on the health side of things, here is a clip to help you on the motivational side of things. “Aint no mountain high enough” my friends, believe you can and kiss the sky.

Day 5 of your ultimate body detox:

Go to a playground and use swings, trees or bars. Try to do each exercise 10times and 3sets.

1. Bend your knees and jump up to a tree branch or bar, pull your chest up then slowly go down release your hands and fall into a deep squat.

2. Both hands on the swing chair and standing tall, start to push the chair way, forcing your arms to lengthen out you should finish in a plank, then slowly bring the chair back towards you (go to the challenge limit where you still have control, you should feel this in your abs and lengthening your triceps and upper back muscles.

3. Find a park bench and perform a push up then when you come up lift up one arm to the sky and open your chest up. Bring your hand back down to meet the other wrists in line with shoulders and do another push up and then open to the other side.
The opening will help to create space in your chest, giving you a stretch as well as strengthening the back.

4. Lie on the ground with your feet on a park bench seat or swing chair for more of a challenge, keep your knees bent, then tilt your chin to your chest and lift your upper back up off the ground and reach your hand to your knees to do a sit up, lie back down and lift your butt up off the ground into a bridge position.
You are working your abs as well as your butt in the bridge and working on alignment and pelvic stabilization.

That’s all for now enjoy!pull up

Day 6 of your ultimate body detox.
Testing what you think you can do and then going a little further because you can.

Run 500m at your normal run pace, then skip (even without a skipping rope for 1min) teaching your foot placement and reaction time.
Then do 10 inch worms so standing tall then slowly roll down hands close to your body once they reach the ground (you may bend your knees) walk them out away from you so you end up in a plank position then do a push.
Then 20 squats feet hip width apart and drop your bum keeping your chest proud as far as you can before using your legs and stomach muscles to lift you back to standing.
Then run another 500m this time faster than before.
Repeat the skipping, inch worm and squats.
Run another 500m this time faster again.
Repeat the skipping, inchworm and squats.
Run another 500m faster again.
Repeat the skipping, inch worm and squats.
Stretch and walk to finish.


Day 7 of your ultimate body detox and part 2 of self-healing. friends
Grab a friend, you’re not alone and never have to be, you have a deeper understanding now of what you’re feeling and how to embrace these emotions for strength. Now find the strength to communicate. By talking and encouraging each other you will heal yourself as well as your friends and notice they’re feeling the same things as you, the same worries, frustrations, dreams you can help each other.
Share a goal with your friend and help make it happen!

A couple of weeks ago these were a few of my friends that I got active with, that I love with my all my heart and that helped me to see light in darkness.


Day 8 of your ultimate body detox and Part 2 with your friends

You’ve set your goals now start actioning the plans and helping to make them a reality.

Workout and mindfulness of support use your friend’s weight as your resistance and lighten the load of worry from your mind replacing it with joy and laughter. In the picture below Brainy and Coen demonstrate body carries along the beach. There are so many partner carries that can be tried.

1. Use the picture and 20m distance sprint
2. Wheel barrow walking with one person walking on their hands whilst the other holds onto the legs (be careful of your back, if you’re tall you may need to squat a little lower) added challenge can be adding a push up every 6 hand steps

3. Piggy back sprints.

Have fun!!

Day 9 of your ultimate body detox.

Grab a friend and go do something exciting, some you’ve both never done before, that will make you nervous, that will make you laugh, the emotions, and feelings that bring you closer together. It was a while ago now that Amy and I explored tree surfing in Redhill but it was a day I won’t forget, we could be big kids and test our limits and bodies all at the same time. Check out tree surfing in Redhill, or choose your own adventure as well. Have fun with your Adventure!

For my people of Melbourne, I hear it’s a little wet on your side of the Pacific Ocean well…
1. Who cares, get outside and put a raincoat on or use an umbrella.

Its day 10 of your ultimate body detox so I say we dance.elmo
Who hasn’t danced around their house before like a crazy person when no one is around, well, at No light’s no lycra on a Monday Tuesday and Wednesday night locations in the city offer a public space where you can do your crazy dancing with other people, no pickup lines, just you some fun and random tunes and man do you get your sweat up for an hour. If you cannot get to the city this is still my workout for you today, I want you to dance flay your limbs about and dance, free movement is the best workout, where there is no plan just you and your body, it’s always the most fun, and you’re relaxed so injury rates decrease.

This is my beautiful friend Elle, wherever she went those crazy long limbs were everywhere, and I think some of our best memories were dancing with her. Enjoy!


Day 11 of your ultimate body detox: Time to check in with your goals and how you’re tracking, how can you cross these life hurdles?
Your body is one awesome machine so today your challenge is to run, jump, crawl, skip, cartwheel, and climb. All these things train your body and mind, increase flexibility, strengthen this is how we get to the next spot, this is how we reach goals.

So 30 seconds jumps- you don’t need to jump over anything just making a line and trying to increase the distance or height is fine.

30 seconds climbing- find a tree, a pole a rope, get your arms and legs working together.

30seconds of sprinting try and change directions pick some points and race your friend then change. I find a game of “tag” is always fun.

30 seconds of crawling- Great for upper body, core, legs and hips.

Repeat these, change them up and get creative a big cardio session so try for half an hour but an hour to really get exploring would be best.

Have fun!

Day 12 of your ultimate body detox.
Fitting exercise into your daily routines despite work, children and other obligations.
There’s always an excuse but as you’ve seen throughout these posts and hopefully felt you really don’t need a lot of time to give yourself a good workout and gain the benefits with it. Could one of the reasons so many successful people are in that position because they have this work, health balance? Take at least 30minutes from your day to get active and go outside. I know it’s getting colder in Australia but that fresh air is still going to wake you up, clear your head and make you feel so much better for the rest of your day, plus getting your sweat on actually warms your body up… win!

So today’s challenge, step away from your work and busy lifestyle to take at least 30minutes, to run, play a game of footy with friends, breathe and simply meditate or do yoga or give this little workout a go.

1. Start by waking yourself up and going for a short run.
2. 20 squats front and side squats (shift your body weight to one side and squat down)
3. Stretch your arms up over your head then slowly bring them down to the ground walking them out into a plank position and perform a push up, walk them back to the body and lift yourself back to standing. Do 10.
4. Find a bench and do 15 tricep dips.
5. The same bench or seat prop your legs up and leaving your shoulder blades on the ground lift your butt up into the air to a bridge position pulse for 5 breaths and lower. Repeat this 20 times, keeping your hips aligned.
6. Cycle sit ups for your hamstrings and abs, as one leg extends the other is bent towards the chest, your head is lifted looking towards your knees, and shoulder blades slightly lifted off the ground also. Do 20.

This workout is a mix of stretches, strength and cardio to assist posture if you’re at a desk, to help with alignment and to get your heart pumping to increase the movement of oxygen through the body and brain to energize you for the rest of the day and energize your mind.

Have fun being awesome!

Day 13 How are you feeling?
If I am honest I am still a roller coaster of emotions. Your body could be strong but if your heart and mind are still messy then your body will not function at its optimum and vice versa. So as we look forward to the weekend, my challenge to you is to not rush into it but first slow down nurture your entire self to ensure nothing gets left behind this weekend and you can enjoy it to its fullest with no distractions. I have attached a photo of one of my great friends and highly regarded yoga instructor Sarah Elise Yoga Sarah does many classes around the Peninsula so follow her page and contact her to see how you can get involved.

First love and nurture your body, mind and heart as one for optimum power, function and balance.

I apologize for my late post for your 14th day of your ultimate body detox after 2weeks on tour I had some time today before starting my next trip so thought I’d have an adventure of my own.
This will be my final post for this challenge, hopefully with the support of your friends you have helped each other to reach your goals or gotten closer to them. Now I let you go to “spread your wings” going outside of your norm and what is comfortable and trying new things… Scary? No way exciting! What have you always wanted to do but made excuses not to? Have a think it’s Saturday and the possibilities of what you are capable of are limitless.


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