2014 I am me and that’s awsome!

Welcome to the new year of 2014, my name is Jade de Valle, I am the owner and founder of Adventure Personal Training and some of my big scary goals for this year are…

Career: I will bring fresh exciting ideas to my new role as fitness trip leader in Japan for Venture. I will elevate the business as a leading fitness tourism company opening up new opportunities for marine trips, and training camps over the world. My Adventure PT clients in Aus will continue to smash their goals in my absence and continue to feel supported through alternative training and communication.

Personal: I will be fluent in Japanese by October 2014.

I will be barreled (surfing in Hawaii in June 2014)

I will run in an adventure race in Japan.

I will eat foods that nourish and fuel my body naturally.

Fitness: I will continue to explore the places I am in as a new opportunities to challenge movement and fitness.

I will practice yoga everyday.

I will surf at least once a month.

I will snowboard in Japan.

Who do you want to be this year? What do you want this year to look like? What can you change or do to live your dream life EVERYDAY? IMG_1281

You get one life, why waste it doing things you don’t enjoy, or making excuses, start taking action no matter how scary those choices may be.

How can we do this?

1. Take an hour for you find a place with no distractions, somewhere where you feel inspired to write down your goals: This is scary and often you’ll find a mental blank. What helps me is writing down things I love. For example; surf, friends, adventure they could be just words but these are things that light me up each day. How can I incorporate these things into my life everyday so I can benefit or have success… Continue to build a business by offering adventure, if I can’t live by the surf I can set small goals to be there as often as possible, my existing friends I will make an effort to stay in contact, and i will be open to meeting new people.
I hear some of you saying, that’s your life I work at a desk, well that’s your life. Do you enjoy what you do? Are you continuing to challenge yourself in your job or has it become a routine thing that you just “have to do”. If you’re not happy make changes in your life to be happy, spruce up that desk and bring in your vision board or make sure you have fresh flowers, it’s yours to play with.

2. Reach out out for support:

“Oh hey friends your pretty inspiring and honest.” They’re your friends for a reason and they’re really great at keeping you in line and motivated, sometimes they know you better then yourself. You could gain yourself a fitness buddy, learn something new or just someone to check in that you’re living the way you want to live.
The thing with me is as once you become my friend, you’re stuck with me, no matter where I am I’m here to support you. For my adventurers, kind of scary but I have eyes and ears everywhere and I will be making sure you’re outside making the most of your bodies and of each day.

3. Take ACTION:

Don’t set a date to start living, you’re already breathing you’re in it so step out and get excited.

Follow this link for more information on goal setting and a template to help you get started.


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I'm an Exercise Scientist leading Personal Training and active tours around Parks Victoria protected spaces of Warburton and the Mornington Peninsula. A lover all things movement, incorporating nature into our sessions and personal workouts. I spent 2014 in Japan working as a tour guide and researching trails and writing active trips for both Australia and Japan. I enjoy competing in fun runs and trail runs, with my favourite being the Two Bays trail run. You can check out some of my workouts and fitness tips on my personal blog, www.getfitadventurept.com Qualifications include: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificates III and IV in fitness, Level 1 instructor in Mat Pilates, Wild fitness trainer, Level I and II boxing instructor, Surf instructor.

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