Set your goal, acknowledge your wins, reward, keep moving forward

We’re at that time of year when we start reflecting more and looking at creating new years resolutions for 2014 so I wanted to take the time to acknowledge every one of my clients and hope that my readers do the same in congratulating yourselves on all the work you have done to live a life that you’re happy with to stay true to your daily intentions and to move and be adventurous with a healthier body and lifestyle. Be aware that there are always up’s and downs in all we do but to continue to make time and do the things we love.

I guess as a trainer probably the most common goal I hear from people wanting to train is “weight loss” and a lot of the time, and this can be with any goal we set, once this is achieved we can forget to acknowledge the journey. A new goal is set and then a new one without actually processing what you have actually achieved there and then.

One of my clients is Stephen Brain who plays for the Tootgarook cricket club whom I have been co training with, the amazing Jen Chipperfield from Feeling Chipper Personal Training for the past 9months and we have seen remarkable personal development, growth and improvements with movement and fitness capability in all the players and community in that time. Stephen’s efforts and commitment have been admirable and he is now not only hit double digits in his weight loss but smashed the Arthurs seat challenge fun run and a Gatorade triathlon . I wanted to know more about this journey and Stephen’s motivations, struggles and secrets of how he has done it, enjoy my little interview.

What’s your favourite activity in training with Jen and I?
“They’re all good the fitter I get the more I’m getting addicted to boxing and run/sprint training…

What’s your favourite activity outside personal training sessions?
“I love playing cricket that takes up a lot of my time plus playing with Barney (dog) at the beach is great! I think I’ve found a new love in triathlon’s as well!”

What motivates you to keep going?
“At the start I wasn’t to motivated but after stepping on the scales and shocked at what I weighed that’s when I started taking a lot more interest in training.. Now its hard not staying motivated, having amazing you and chippa helping me all the time is really helping me, As well as hearing nice comments from family and mates around the club makes me want to keep going!”

How did you feel training at the beginning and how do you feel now?
“I remember the first pre season training with you guys, I hurt that much after it I couldn’t move! haha it took me about a month to get to the stage where I would be sore in the morning after but still be able to move! Now I pull up so much better, I’m still sore but it just reminds me of the session I did the night before!”

Has your diet changed much?
“I’ve tried changing a lot of things like eating breakfast and drinking a lot more water. I don’t drink too much soft drink or eat much deep-fried foods anymore either and if I do its minimal. Alcohol, I have cut down drinking during the week! That’s really the next thing on my list I want to have a look at what I can do different.”

Has it been hard?
“Yes it has, but in saying that I really enjoy training now.. 10kgs down now, the hard work really starts to drop another 10kg!”

What made you want to change your health?
“Many reasons! To look better, I’m over being single and just making the little thing in life that little bit easier!”

What’s your secret? Training? Diet? Friends and family?
“No secrets I’m just trying to train as hard as I can really! I’ve learnt in the past few weeks, you need to allow the body to rest and repair and drink plenty of water! Setting little goals along the way is good, my first goal was to do the Arthurs seat challenge, I was so happy to complete that, then I did a triathlon which I was really happy I did also. The little goals along the way remind me to keep pushing and I feel like they give me something to look to and complete!”

Key Points to take away:

1. Set small goals:
This will help you to stay on track, giving you something to work towards. These don’t have to be in the form of events but something that works for you. Eg. A piece of clothing you want to fit into, keeping up with your kids etc.

2. Have a positive support network:
Brainy is lucky that he has not only two personal trainers but a great group of friends and family praising him, training with him to help keep him motivated. Maybe this could mean getting a training buddy or enrolling those you are close to with your goals so they can keep you on track. This is really looking at that law of attraction as well and surrounding yourself with people who are going to elevate you to be your best. Remove yourself from negative people and situations and surround yourself with positivity.

3. Unfortunately DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is apart of exercising at a high intensity but I love Brainy’s strategy….Feel the pain but to see it as a positive testament to his efforts training the day before. This really goes back to that mental strength and ability to have choice over your thoughts and the you see things.

4. Rest:
Brainy has the persistence to continue training but he is also aware of his pain threshold and listens to his body knowing when he needs to rest. An important note was to drink plenty of water in the aid of recovery also.

I hope this article helps you to realize just how awesome every one of your achievements are and to keep dreaming and setting goals but take the time to reward yourself for taking the time to put yourself first and caring for your health and your happiness.

If you’d like to get involved with these Tootgarook community training sessions with Stephen we welcome everyone to these sessions at Truemans Road reserve Monday evening’s at 6:30pm and Wednesday evening 5:45pm.

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