Get that “Spring” back in your step

After a cold Winter we’re usually feeling a little worse for wear, perhaps our diets haven’t been as great, we’ve been more sedentary than we would have liked, it all has an impact on our muscles, how we move and emotionally as well feeling less energy and not as motivated.

This post is all about giving you back that spring in your step.
Firstly grab a towel or pole, (eg. broom stick) these are great to use to help open up your chest and release all of those tight shoulders. You will feel more length, which will give you improved posture and help to open up your airways with more room across the chest.
1. Take a wide grip and lift as you inhale, draw the belly in and lift the pole over your head without bending the elbows or flexing through the back. Exhale as you bring the pole back over.
IMG_3662 IMG_3663

2. Maintaining the same grip hold the pole up above the head with locked elbows, breathe in and then exhale to twist and look behind you pulse twice to get a little deeper into the stretch and then inhale back to centre to repeat on the other side.

3. Starting in the same position spread your legs a bit more then hip width, open your chest and hinge from the hip to the side as you exhale into the stretch. Repeat to the other side.

4. Change the grip of your hands to an over hand grip and start with the pole behind your back, exhale and hinge forward from the hip lifting the pole towards your head and over as far as you can.

These are great to do daily as we are in a seated usually hunched position to often. I have clients that often struggle with their breath when running and this is an exercise I also recommend to promote open airways, great posture and a nice steady rhythmical breath.

Chillax breathe in the salty sunshine air and enjoy each day!

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I'm an Exercise Scientist leading Personal Training and active tours around Parks Victoria protected spaces of Warburton and the Mornington Peninsula. A lover all things movement, incorporating nature into our sessions and personal workouts. I spent 2014 in Japan working as a tour guide and researching trails and writing active trips for both Australia and Japan. I enjoy competing in fun runs and trail runs, with my favourite being the Two Bays trail run. You can check out some of my workouts and fitness tips on my personal blog, Qualifications include: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificates III and IV in fitness, Level 1 instructor in Mat Pilates, Wild fitness trainer, Level I and II boxing instructor, Surf instructor.

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