Working out… In the comfort of your own home

A friend of mine asked me if I could write out a program for her, the only issue is she lives on the other side of the world so it makes it a little tricky.

I’ve decided to share with all you keen bloggers wanting to get fit, a very easy yet affective way to see a smaller waistline, feel strong and have more energy.

Number one: Find something that you enjoy that get’s your heart rate up. This is what I want to be your core, so you should do this at least 4 times a week.

For my friend, this is swimming, so try to swim 1km in the pool or ocean on these days. This can be done at your own pace stopping when needed, but try and minimise the amount of stops each time and complete it at a faster time.

Of course this cardio can be anything you want it to be, go for a run/jog, bike ride, intense dance party in your room, whatever makes you huff and puff and makes your heart race.

Training that can be done without leaving your house:

Brushing your teeth squats. You have no excuse in the time you brush your teeth at least 20 of these can be done.

A squat is performed like your about to sit on a chair, bum out, chest out, stomach tight and not sticking out, (so abs are being worked as well) knees shoulder width apart, and bend down slowly and controlled hold and come back up to standing position.

Waiting for dinner?

Grab a chair, hold it out, arms extended and elbows locked. From here go into a lunge position . (Example on right).

keep your eyes forward, back straight and drop down, keeping hold of the chair. Try to do this at least 15 times.

Watching TV?

That’s right I have an exercise for every room you enter and it wont even disrupt the program you want to watch.

Cycle sit ups: Begin lying down on your back legs up in 90/90 (bring your legs up above the ground with knees bent). Hands behind head, as you lift your chest off the ground bring your right elbow to your left knee, extending the right leg out at the same time. Alternate sides doing this.

Awsome workout for your obliques (side abs).

Step ups:

If you have stairs in your house, you have a piece of gym equipment. I am a fan of jumping so try and do jumps up onto a step and then try and make it two, skipping that first one. Use your arms to build momentum by swinging them back and then jumping, ending with your arms out in front.

If you are not ready for jumping, then regress to the step up, one foot going up at a fast pace with the other following. Alternate which leg you start with.

There you guys! A quick few exercises that can easily be done at any point in your day.

Of course I encourage you to get outside and exercise and do those activities you love, but if you are in that lazy mood or if it’s bad weather, you can still keep fit, without having to spend money on any gym equipment.

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I'm an Exercise Scientist leading Personal Training and active tours around Parks Victoria protected spaces of Warburton and the Mornington Peninsula. A lover all things movement, incorporating nature into our sessions and personal workouts. I spent 2014 in Japan working as a tour guide and researching trails and writing active trips for both Australia and Japan. I enjoy competing in fun runs and trail runs, with my favourite being the Two Bays trail run. You can check out some of my workouts and fitness tips on my personal blog, Qualifications include: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificates III and IV in fitness, Level 1 instructor in Mat Pilates, Wild fitness trainer, Level I and II boxing instructor, Surf instructor.

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